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The Andalucian Photography Centre (CAF) is a institution located in the city of Almeria involved in the exhibition, conservation, teaching and investigation of photography.

The building to house the CAF is named "Lieo", or Lyceum. The origins of this building are uncertain, but can be traced to the XVII or XVIII century. It was almost certainly a commercial building, a warehouse with a big central courtyard to store salt, fish or any other good traded in the adjacent maritime port. Some legend tells that were traders from Genova the ones who built this building, nevertheless there is no way to corroborate this.

What is known though documents and papers of the time is that in the XIX century the building was in a bad condition and probably used a brothel. It was then bought by a local association of theater lovers who converted the building into a cultural center. Theater, opera and musical performances took place in the main courtyard. The building became tremendously popular among the local residents and achieved great splendor.

Unfortunately, the tragic events which took place in Europe during the XX century and the general decadence of the city of Almeria meant that building was left with no use for a long period of time.

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