luis castillo / mercedes miras

The site is located on a hill overlooking the city with scenic views of the surrounding landscape, the sea, the harbor and the old quarters of the city.

This garden is placed in a deprived neighborhood with few recreational spaces, but paradoxically at the urbanized edge of the city, bordering with wild deserted hills. The garden will be then a hinge between the streets and the open fields that signals the city limit.

Working with landscape consultants, climate and hydrogeology studies were made. Landscape design and the vegetation species were chosen according to rain indexes, wind regimes, sunlight hours, humidity and evaporation regimes.

The topography is arranged in terraces reminiscent of the ones existing in the area, formerly used for agricultural porpoises. To reach the top and find the best possible views, several paths are set upwards, as well as a stair. Contention walls made out of local stone create the space for plantation of local species. Retaining walls are designed with various shapes, forms and inclinations, like fragmented pieces of a formerly continuous wall.

The only paving material used in the whole garden is crushed clay, in order to integrate the new structures with the existing landscape.

  • Jardín Chanca 01
  • Jardín Chanca 02
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  • Jardín Chanca 04
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  • Jardín Chanca 08

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