luis castillo / mercedes miras

"The rooftop terrace is a lively and strong, quite strong element regarding human inhabitation in western Andalusia. It closes the house or it opens it up to the skies, like a palm tree does in order to catch the magnificent light". Jose Angel Valente.

Like the palm tree, the project for this house tries to catch as much natural light to illuminate the interior space.

The site conditions were not the best possible: located in the old quarter of the city, in a street with difficult access and crammed between tall constructions of poor quality.

To light the interior of the house, natural light is brought in though a void placed beside the staircase that runs through all the floors. This way, the staircase works like a minimum courtyard that allows the visitor to grasp the whole space of the house.

Day space is placed in the first floor, while the night activities are located in the ground floor. The rooftop becomes another living space for the house.

In a house with such a small plot of land, and therefore with little space, simplicity and a limited set of colours and materials are made use of: wood flooring and white stucco prevail in the interior design.

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