luis castillo / mercedes miras

In such a powerful context, the main subject of this project was the landscape: the sea, the desert, mountains and greenhouses. In a sharp contrast with the surrounding buildings, loaded with nostalgic architectural iconography, the building tries to become a landmark in the landscape and at the same time, a place for the observation of the setting.

The project resorts to abstraction. The building is an object deprived of iconographic and compositional references placed on the landscape. At the same time, the complexities of colour, mirroring, transparency and superimposition make this abstract element interactive with both the place and the space surrounding it.

The internal circulation diagram is reversed in order to arrange freely the communal spaces. The waiting rooms look into the landscape so patients can enjoy the views. In sharp contrast with the rigid definition of the space for offices, the loose definition of waiting rooms and circulations creates a smooth space. Transparency, reflections, superimpositions and echoes from the surroundings shape an space that, although simple, fluctuates between precision and ambiguity, between openness and introversion.

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